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1. LINK AWARD - Best Poster

Jean Sende et al. (France)

2. LINK AWARD - Exudate Management

Astrid Probst (Germany)

3. LINK AWARD - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Balasz Banky et al. (Hungary)

Selection Criteria and Review Process of LINK Award

The review on prizes will consist of two levels. For first level review, the committee (Wounds international + Hydro Experts to be selected) will decide whether the pre-proposal (abstract) is suitable or not suitable for prizes. Second level review will evaluate the full work (complete presentation) based on the below criteria. Feedback will only be provided to nominated authors who are invited to submit a full presentation.

Presentations will be assessed based on:

1. Practical importance – in Exudate management or Epithelialization

2. Clear problem statement (how the problem will be addressed)

3. Rigor of methodological approach (use of case series template)

4. Ethical value (i.e. has ethical consent been sought from the nationally or local relevant bodies)

5. Publishable (i.e. to what extent will the outcomes of the project result in a publishable report in a peer reviewed scientific journal?)

6. Authors and co-authors (clinical team) has demonstrated relevant expertise

7. Realistic plan for results (in time forwarding the required presentation at LINK Congress and likelihood of publishing findings in medical education literature)

8. Style of writing and clarity of the outcomes/findings